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Bonny Oaks traffic near Volkswagen revs up worries
As Volkswagen adds 2,000 jobs and Enterprise South industrial park is marketed to other companies, worries are accelerating over traffic bottlenecks and accidents on the two-lane part of Bonny Oaks Drive.
Biz Bulletin: Don't break the bank with school expenses
Q: It seems like the kids just got out of school yesterday, and there are already advertisements going up on going back to school. Of course, a new school year means getting new supplies, which can add up. Does BBB have any tips on saving money for school items?
NAACP condemns tax breaks given by unelected bodies in Chattanooga, Hamilton County
The NAACP on Thursday blasted a number of local tax incentives offered to developers and corporations as undermining a "grand pillar of democracy."
Publix clears final hurdle, will open on Aug. 6 with booze in stock
Publix has cleared the final hurdle in what has become a nearly two-year series of challenges between it and a planned opening next Wednesday.
Mohawk profits rise to new record high
Mohawk Industries' boasted a record-setting quarter as the world's largest flooring company reported its highest-ever earnings per share, when adjusted for unusual charges.