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In the Bi-Lo tank: Entrepreneurs pitch for spot on Chattanooga shelves
Bonny Shuptrine, Rachelle Haddock and Alan Shuptrine rolled into their pitch at a Hixson Bi-Lo on Wednesday wearing matching red “Team Twisted” aprons and pushing a cart full of gourmet relish and sauces.
Chattanooga's Southern Champion Tray named top company
For its customers, Southern Champion Tray officials say the Chattanooga company tries to be "easy to love and hard to leave."
EPA nears decision on coal ash regulation
Southern environmental leaders who want stricter controls over the disposal of coal ash are challenging utility complaints that such regulations will push up the price of electricity.
Business Briefs: New Passat will be 'a big step'
Volkswagen of America's chief says that the Chattanooga-made Passat, slated to be refreshed for the 2016 model year, will be "a big step" for the midsize sedan, according to Motor Trend.
After dropped UAW appeal in Chattanooga, VW urged to focus on making, selling cars
After two years of union organizing at Volkswagen's Chattanooga plant, a hard-fought worker vote and a bruising appeal cut short on Monday, the automaker was urged to refocus on assembling and selling cars.