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Municipal broadband expansion blocked in many states
A war to stop the spread of municipal broadband Internet is raging.
Jasper Highlands developer to FCC on broadband: Tear down this wall
John "Thunder" Thornton, the driving force behind the 9,000-acre Jasper Highlands development, has weighed into the debate over whether EPB and other municipalities should be allowed to expand high-speed broadband in the face of criticism from cable giants.
Chattanooga Industrial Development Board member doesn't live within city limits
A Chattanooga Industrial Development Board member who made the motion last month to accept the Black Creek tax-increment financing deal apparently has been serving improperly since 2002 because he doesn't live in the city.
Personal Finance: Master Limited Partnerships go mainstream
In a world of depressingly low interest rates, many investors have discovered Master Limited Partnerships as a relatively high-yielding alternative. While MLPs can play a valuable role in a well balanced portfolio, they must be understood and monitored to minimize unpleasant surprises.
Business Briefs: Art gallery shifts in downtown Chattanooga
For the third time in 16 years, Gallery 1401 is moving.